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All article(s) submitted to FAVOC Magazine are accepted for publication at the sole discretion of the staff of FAVOC Magazine.   Any article may be edited, condensed and otherwise modified by any means deemed  necessary by the staff of  FAVOC Magazine.  Said article becomes the property of FAVOC Magazine and will not be returned.  You will be sent a copy of  the final article via e-mail for your approval prior to print at your request.  

You agree to the following:  I solemnly swear and affirm that all information submitted for publication to FAVOC Magazine is the original content from the author or the authors listed on said article.  I also solemnly swear and/or affirm that none of the information was taken from any source without the proper citing(s) or permission(s).    Permissions must be attached or will be mailed to our office within one week of the article(s) submission.  The address is P. O. Box 11665 Spring, Texas  77391-1665.

All articles will be mailed to FAVOC Magazine with the following information.  Title that you would like us to consider using. Name of all other authors.  Clear photo of the author(s) if they would like it to accompany article.  Why you feel this topic is pertinent to FAVOC Magazine readers.  

Please provide all of the following contact information that applies to the main article for publication:  

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Please list information about Additional Authors in the text box.  

Additional forms will be sent to you upon acceptance for publication. 


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