Good Deals On 2001  

Vehicles Are Cropping Up Everywhere

 You can hardly turn on the television, pick up a magazine and or newspaper without seeing a great deal on the purchase or lease of many popular vehicles.   This has been going on in many areas for months.  Why is this,  you might be wondering?   Well the answer is very simple.  

Americans have not been buying or leasing cars at the rates that they were just a year ago.  As such, many manufacturers are offering deep discounts to get people into cars that are sitting on lots in many parts of the country.  

Why you might ask yourself?  Again the answer is somewhat simple.  The stock market is down, 401K values are (down in general) and people are not being swayed  into tremendous spending by the recent interest rate cuts.  Thus, people are not buying or leasing a lot of new cars.  

From the manufacturers point of view, this is a problem.  The 2002 models will be out in full force soon.  They need to clear the dealers' lots of the 2001 models, so there will be space for the 2002 models.  

If you are looking to purchase a new vehicle, this might be a good time to make an incredible deal on the current year's model.  Here are a couple of deals that have been running lately and they sound impressive, especially if that is the vehicle you want to purchase: 

  1. One manufacturer is offering to put you in a new car now, let you drive it for a full year with a minimal amount of upfront fees.   You do not make an actual payment for a full year.  Of course this applies to existing inventory.  *  ++

  2. Another manufacturer is offering you its top of the line sports utility vehicle for 0% financing for 48 months.  You do the math on a vehicle that sells for about 50,000 without any finance charges for a full year.  That is some savings.   * ++  

* Some of the deals available require specific qualifications.  The use of the language of an add is for illustrative purposes.  

++ We do not recommend or intend to recommend that you make a purchase from any specific manufacturer.  

REMEMBER:  Select a dealer that shows you respect and speaks to you in a manner that makes you feel comfortable.  Do you homework and we hope you have a pleasant experience if you purchase or lease a new vehicle. 

Michael R. Jolivette has been in the automotive industry for over 20 years.  He has been the manager of a automotive store  and repair shop  in a national chain for 17 of those years.  Mike will be providing tips and answering questions on a regular basis in FAVOC. So email us with your automotive interest at FAVOC Magazine.

We are in need of some auto repair stories for this section.  If you have some learn from my experience stories, we need to hear from you.  We would like to consider them for a future issue of FAVOC Magazine.


Buying A New Car 

Part 4

     Many of you are aware that we began a story on purchasing a new car  in our inaugural issue of FAVOC Magazine.*  This story concerns the purchase of a PT Cruiser by Chrysler.**  
     We have a  normal person purchasing the vehicle with a few custom items following general purchasing procedures.  We will keep you updated on the process as it occurs.    
     The buying process was started in September, 2000 and we do not have a  PT Cruiser at our customer's home as of yet.   We will continue to keep you posted on the process.  As we stated in part one of the article,  we have a minority owned dealership that we are purchasing  from and we will report on various aspects of the saga as it continues to unfold.  
     As a reminder, when the deal was negotiated and the $500.00 deposit left, we were promised (in writing) that we would be paying MSRP with none of the ridiculous markups that some dealers place on cars.  Chrysler has encouraged their dealers to sell the car for MSRP, they do not approve of the markups according to several sources.  We are about to find out how the process works and if MSRP can be fudged.  Our common sense says no it can't and it won't.  We believe, for now anyway.  
 We have not made a  recent phone call because we want to see if they will figure out that they have our money and contact us.  Thus far, nothing.  We will contact them within the next couple of months, because more than a year is problematic.  We are hoping to get one soon.  

     Follow us, as we continue to wait patiently for our PT Cruiser story to culminate. Author revealed when the story is complete.  More details of our adventure in the next issue of FAVOC. If you have any interest in the vehicle on a personal level go to the website of Chrysler.  They have loads of information about the car available for you to view and/or download.

     **  Please remember that any results that are reported does not mean that the experience is the customary practice of any dealership or Chrysler as a whole.  We are just sharing one limited viewpoint about the buying process.  We will  report the pros and/or cons accurately of our experiences.  This article is not intended as a recommendation or non-recommendation of the Chrysler PT Cruiser.  
    If we have any PT Cruiser owners in the world of  FAVOC, please share your experiences with us about the purchase process.  That story will be run, when after this one culminates.