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How To Advertise With FAVOC Magazine 

General Rules and Policies: 

Advertising with FAVOC Magazine  provides you with the opportunity to reach a segment of the market that spends more money per capita in the retail market than any other group.  You will be reaching a diverse group of ethnic minorities that are supportive of the mission of businesses that do not ignore their unique needs.  You have the opportunity to be on the ground floor and have your business grow with FAVOC Magazine. With advertising prices that are locked in  for a two- year period of time for our inaugural members who do not lapse there advertisements, you are sure to reap many financial benefits. We anticipate launching with over 2,000 initial subscriptions.  We will launch prior to the busy holiday season.  So you have the opportunity to impact a tremendous amount of sales over time.   
FAVOC Magazine is currently a monthly publication.   Banner advertisements are prepaid in advance for 3 months (one quarter).  We launch each new issue on the first of the month.   We are very particular about the advertisements that we accept and reserve the right to refuse any advertisements that we deem inappropriate for our magazine.  Advertisements that are contradictory to our mission statement will be refused.  If advertisements are viewed by us as racially and or ethnically inappropriate or offensive they will be refused.  If advertisements are deemed by us to be pornographic or not appropriate for FAVOC Magazine they will be refused. Again, FAVOC Magazine reserves the right to refuse any advertisements for any reason at our sole discretion.  

Specification Requirements for Various Advertisements:

Dimensions and Advertisements Placement:  
Large Banner Advertisements:  No more than:   width = 468 pixels, height=60 pixels
Due 8 business days before publication. 
One minute randomized advertisements.  Placement varies. Generally at the middle or the bottom of the page.  Display cannot be predetermined by the client.  Advertisements are generally placed on a first come first serve basis.  
Home Page:  $300 per issue.    Interior Page:  $150 per issue.   There will be 3 issues in a  quarter.  Prices decrease to current client with paid referral advertisement from new clients.*
Small Banner Advertisements:  No more than:  140 pixels, height=40 pixels;  Below 10KB
Due 5 business days before publication.
Text or file OK.                               Animation OK
Our small advertisements are placed on specific pages within the magazine.  If it represents a specialized topic, it will be place on the appropriate page whenever possible.  They are generally at the middle or the bottom of the page.  
Home Page:  $150  per issue.   Interior Page:  $75 per issue.  There will be 3 issues in a quarter.  Prices decrease to current client with paid referral advertisement from new clients.*

Advertisements Delivery Options:

1.  We can capture your advertisements from your web server if you provide us with the direct url to the banner file. 
2.  You can send us your banner advertisements as an email attachment.  
* 5 % off an advertisement with a referral.  Maximum of 50% off per client with 20 referrals.  

Payment Policy:

Once your advertisement has been accepted by us, you must submit your payment in U.S. currency to us at least 3 days prior to publication.  Make your checks or money orders payable to FAVOC Magazine.  You may also go to our secure server and pay with a business credit card if you contact us for further details.  

How to Withdraw Advertisements:

We will withdraw advertisements  prior to release at the following refund rates: 
7 days prior to release:  80%
5 or more days prior to release:  60%
3- 4 days prior to release:  40%
2 days prior to release:  20%
1 day prior to release:  10%
After a issue is released:  0%
Renewal Policy:
Advertisers will be notified between weeks 7 and 8 of the advertising period.  This allows you an opportunity to secure your space in the next quarter.   If we do not hear back from you by week 10, your advertising space is NOT secure.  

Advertising Information Request Form

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