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What is FAVOC Magazine?

FAVOC Magazine is a FREE online magazine (often called an e-zine or webzine) geared toward the interests and concerns of people of color. This magazine comes to you FREE with no strings attached.  
As an online magazine, we do not have the same constraints that many paper magazines may have relative to space.  We will be reasonable and value your time.  If you have something to share about an issue affecting the world or you just want to just express yourself about something of interest to you, please share it with us and let us consider placing it in FAVOC Magazine.   ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS 


FAVOC Magazine's Mission  
Our Mission at FAVOC Magazine is to provide a quality forum for  FACES AND VOICES OF COLOR to be heard.  FAVOC Magazine promises to be a forum that will place issues before you in hopes that you will give them some thought, consideration and discussion. The articles that are presented are not necessarily the viewpoints of the staff of FAVOC Magazine or its leadership. Please read our POLICIES for additional information.


FAVOC Magazine's Origins      
FAVOC Magazine is the brainchild of Dr. Lisa Burrell.   She initially hoped to oversee a group of teens creating an online  magazine for youth of color, reflective of the ideas and nuisances unique to them.  Since her home is the "hang- out house" (well supervised, no alcohol, drugs or cursing allowed), she often engages in dialogue with the youth and friends of her children.  They were gung ho about the idea when it was presented to them.  Yet, once the beginning of school neared,  things got hectic for the majority of the teens and they have not been able to devote the time and energy to the project that it deserves as a project just for them.  Mr. Lawrence Bowie, Sr. (DSG Inet Services, LLC, founder and owner) quickly agreed to give the teens free internet space on one of his servers and to assist with the leadership of the youth in the creation of the magazine.  
The concept of a more global magazine began to unfold with adults and teens working together.  As  Dr. Burrell pondered  the feasibility of a larger  project, she spoke with Mr. Bowie, again.  After further analysis,  they decided to proceed with the concept of a FREE magazine for people of color allowing the youth to be an integral part of the magazine design and its features. All teens have been given a pen name that they will use until they are at least 18.  This will protect their privacy.  They will use this pen name in all articles scribed by them.     
The name FAVOC was finally chosen for the magazine after much discussion.  It was thrown in the pot by Mr. Bowie, after the group had been pondering potential names for weeks.  Everyone wanted a name that was different and depicted the unique purpose of the magazine.  Yet we wanted something that was short and catchy.  We bring to you with great pride,  FACES AND VOICES OF COLOR Magazine, aka, FAVOC Magazine.  
Over time and with corporate, group and individual advertising we hope that the magazine can be further expanded and constantly enhanced.  Please give us regular feedback and suggestions so we can continue to improve. We would like to make a positive difference in in the lives of our readers.  Remember, we are venturing into something  new and we know we have a lot to learn, as well as, a lot of work to do.  Our ultimate goal is to be a positive influence and a positive voice that stimulates thought and discussion on various topics.    
Enjoy FAVOC Magazine and if you have not registered for your FREE subscription please do so above.  If you like what you see, please be kind and tell you friends.  If you don't like our magazine, tell us and give us some suggestions for improvement.

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A Time For Thanks

A few very special thanks have to be given to some individuals who helped to put this wonderful issue together.  Without the dedication to this project that they have shown, there would  not be a FAVOC Magazine.  Everyone involved, donated their time and their services to the empowerment of people.  What a wonderful task to undertake.  In this issue we need to thank the following people:  Thanks so much to Mr. Lawrence Bowie, Sr.,  Mr. Michael Jolivette, Mr. Amiri Baraka, Ms. Neta. F. Burrell,  Ms. Linda D. Jacobs, Mrs. Marie O'Neill, Ms. Leah Brewen, Ms. Candace Brundage, Ms. C. Briana Burrell, Mr. M. Evan Burrell and Ms. Starla Wilson.  A separate and  very special thank you to Mrs. Elizabeth T. Burrell.  A special thanks to our teen writers, Pocahontas, Candy, Chaybri, Tweety, BJ and Marce.  And of course, thanks to those individuals who send us sharable emails.  If by chance we have forgotten someone, please email me and we will fix that mistake, ASAP.  
We especially want to thank those who have stopped by to read our magazine. If you have missed an issue, look in our archives and read it.  As you enjoy this issue of FAVOC Magazine, remember the best is yet to come and the dream is still alive.  



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