Braids are being worn today by many people of various cultures.  There is a hardly a day that goes by in a major city,  where you will not see someone wearing their hair in a braided style.  This is especially true for African Americans.  Braids are both a way of having hair expressing our cultural heritage and pride, as well as, a way of wearing a hairstyle that requires simple maintenance.

Braided hair has moved to another level in recent years.  In many occupations, well maintained braided styles are an acceptable and beautiful form of hair wear.   Occasionally, we still hear of situations where the uninformed cause discomfort to an employee who has elected to wear a braided hair style.  

These days, braiding has been taken to another level.  Instead of just simple rows of braids going back or to the side, many hairstyles reflect artistic flair and creativity.  These new styles have been popularized by sports players in the NBA.  Many an NBA player, such as  Iverson, Sprewell, Mookie and others strut their stuff and their hair during the season.  Some can be spotted with a new style every few games.  Athletes are just a few of the people who have helped to popularize the style in recent years.  Many other celebrities wear braids or other ethnic styles.

Below you will find several free style braids that look great and are expressive of cultural pride. We have included several views of each style for her and for him.

Free Style Braids for Her


Free Style Braids For Him