Black Talk Shows

The Newcomers 

Talk or Walk with Michael Baisden

Talk or Walk is a new syndicated talk show hosted by writer Michael Baisden.  The show is taped in Hollywood and is based on the getting drama out of your life principle.  The premise surrounds  people (usually two)  with conflict between them, coming on the show and sharing  the major points of their disputes.  The host and audience ask questions.  They then make suggestions as to if the two should talk the issue out more or walk away from each other.  The audience votes and the results are shared with all before the  guests  decide if they will talk or walk.   
Baisden is becoming more relaxed in his new persona as each show passes.  His show might remind you of Mr. Montell Williams.
Baisden is best known as the author of several contemporary works.  They include Never Satisfied: How and Why Men Cheat, Men Cry in the Dark, Love, Lust and Lies and Maintenance Man.
Access Baisden at: www.talkorwalk.com or at his personal website:   www.michaelbaisden.com

Ananda hosted by Ananda Lewis

The Ananda show premiered last month a day prior to the September 11th tragedy.  Being taped in New York City Ananda has dealt with many issues  surrounding the World Trade Center events.  Being the only veteran televisions personality among the new talk show hosts, we feel she is doing a great job.  She seems to be focusing on topics that are of interest to young people specifically.  Parents watching could get a glimpse into the world of the young.  Seeing that she is a talented young woman, this is more than appropriate.  
Ananda is best probably best known as a host of Teen Summit on BET and most recently as a host of Hot Zone on  MTV.  She also did many special assignments for MTV.  She has parlayed her connections on those two shows to get some wonderful entertainers to share their lives and sing on her show.  This show might remind you of the Queen Latifah's show which has now been canceled..  
Access  Ananda at:  www.theanandalewisshow.com

Iyanla hosted by Iyanla Vanzant 

Iyanla's show premiered last month also.  This offering is brought to us via news veteran, Barbara Walters and is taped in New York City.  Many wondered for a brief period of time  what happened when Oprah announced  that one Tuesday would belong to Dr. Phil and the other to Iyanla and this did not materialize to its full potential.  Shortly thereafter, all Tuesdays belonged to Dr. Phil.  It is now apparent,  Iyanla went off to do her on solo thing.  Iyanla focuses on a variety of topics.  For those of you who like her whit, you will get to see her share and call on experts in many areas to share.  
Iyanla is best known for her books on spiritual healing  in print, on tape and in other medians in several different languages.   They include Tapping The Power Within: A Path To Empowerment For Black Women, Acts of Faith, Living Through the Meantime, Today I Cried and Faith In the Valley to name a few.   She also does seminars through her company Inner Vision World Wide.  
You can access Iyanla at the following sites: www.iyanla.com, www.innervisionsworldwide.com, www.simonandschuster.com or http://tvplex.go.com/buenavista/iyanla/rd/today.html 
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"You Ain't Learning Nothing 




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The Veterans

The Montell Williams Show hosted by Montell Williams

Montell Williams has gotten better with time.  Over the years he has addressed many controversial topics and spent a lot of time trying to help our youth.  His in your face approach is tantamount to his military training.  After announcing his personal health issues last year, he has MS (multiple sclerosis) he has been an advocate for additional research into many depilating diseases.  

One of the big pluses for Montell's guests is that he  provides counseling and aftercare for his guests which is a wonderful thing.  He has been around many years now, and should be for the foreseeable future.  

Oprah hosted by Oprah Winfrey

Ms. Oprah Winfrey is the reigning queen of talk.  Her numbers far out past those of any other talk show host.  Over the years, her format has changed drastically, as well.  As she has evolved personally and professionally, so has the Oprah Show which is taped in Chicago in Oprah's Studio at Harpo (Oprah spelled backwards) Productions.  She provides a mix of entertainment and self improvement.  The resident guru for her self  improvement  shows is a mentor and personal friend, Dr. Phil McGraw.  Dr. Phil is a weekly regular on her show in general.  At times, he appears more often.  
In addition to her duties as the queen of talk, she has one of the most popular magazines in the country.  O the Oprah Magazine carries on the self improvement theme.  She has a variety of experts share ways in which we can take better control of lives in both of her arenas.  She also was integral in the launching of the Oxygen cable television network.  With her Angel Network and her Oprah Book Club, she is poised for success for the long term.  

BET Tonight hosted by Various Hosts

BET Tonight is a cabled based talk show and it has been around for a while.  After Tavis Smiley was unceremoniously dismissed from the show, it has had a variety of guest hosts.  Often BET staples Ed Gordon of BET News and Cheryl Martin are the host.  
The show is a half hour live discussion of political news and current events to African Americans in particular.  The show generally has many knowledgeable or high profile guests (often via satellite) who share their commentary on issues of today.  

OH DRAMA! hosted by Kym Whitley, Vanessa Bell Calloway and Julissa Marquez

Oh Drama! is a cable based talk show with three lovely hosts.  They are  Kym E. Whitley, Vanessa Bell Calloway and Julissa Marquez is in its second season.  This show airs twice a week now, from its original twice daily run in its first season.  This show has been called by some the black view."  Taped in Hollywood, the show centers around a theme.  Often  celebrities share experiences on various topics along with  experts.  The topics they cover are in keeping with the style and format of BET in general.  
With Kym Whitley being a comedian, you can rest assured fun will be poked at someone or some topic.  Vanessa Bell Calloway is a very talented actor who many might remember, as far back as, her days on All My Children.  Julissa Marquez was most recently seen as John Salley's sidekick on BET Live.  This is one show you do not have to go channel hopping to find since it is a BET Exclusive.  
You can learn more about Oh Drama by visiting:  www.bet.com.  You can learn more about Kym Whitley by visiting www.KymWhitley.net.  You can learn more about Vanessa Bell Calloway by visiting www.VanessaBellCalloway.com.  We are sure in the near future Ms. Marquez will have her own sight.  
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